Boats, beer and bravery : Royal Moma Yacht Club set for Sunday launch

The fabled course that has mesmerized yachtsmen for weeks.

Stretch your sea legs this Sunday as the tag team of aquatic amusement, Commodore Adam ‘Kiss the Cod’ Goodman and Chief Deck Swabber / CFO Nick ‘Poopdeck’ Papa, will launch the Royal Moma Yacht Club (RMYC). Located in the Moma Apartment Complex, the club will bring together fans of the briny depths, dirty martinis, etc for an itinerary that includes remote-control boat racing on the mighty Moma Pond, preceded by pre-race libations in the RAN Cafe Carmelo and followed by post-race libations in the RAN Cafe Carmelo. From a RMYC press release:

The Royal MOMA Yacht Club, Beijing’s first and most exclusive non-profit yacht club, announced today that 2012 summer membership trials will take place this Sunday May 19th 2012 at Beijing’s MOMA Aquatic Sporting Loch (MASL). The RYMC, led by Commodore Adam Goodman and CFO Nick Papa, will leverage this event to both expand membership and drive awareness of the sport throughout the Beijing community.

“Further to our successes of 2011 – most notably establishing our organization and gaining recognition and status from the global yachting community – the RMYC has decided to open its sails to the general community on what will initially be a heavily selective and most certainly exclusive basis,” said Goodman, club visionary and Commodore. “Prospective members shall first contact our membership department, upon which time we will supply an electronic copy of our membership form. Completed membership forms will be evaluated and official memberships and club perks awarded accordingly”.

Having recently secured key sponsorship agreements with Beijing entities SWITCH! Restaurants, Belgium’s Duvel Moortgat brewery and Café Carmelo as well as a broadcast coverage deal with strategic media partner and wine enthusiast Beijing Boyce [This is the first I have heard of it - Ed], the RMYC will extend an amalgam of club benefits and perks to all members.

“After ascension into the RMYC, members shall first procure a yacht and pay an initial RMB200 membership fee. This fee will entitle members to deals on a range of delicious catered food from our sponsors at SWITCH! Restaurants and Café Carmelo, import libations from brewery Moortgat, complementary watermelon platters – and so on – until the season’s close in October”, said Papa, club CFO. “As membership expands, we will reinvest annual profits into the club so as to both remain true to our identity as a non-profit sailing outfit and extend more resonant perks to our members”.

Word has it the winner of Sunday’s sail-off will receive manly hugs from Goodman and Papa. If either Goodman or Papa attain victory, they shall give manly hugs to each other. Word also has it the loser will be keelhauled on a paddle boat in Houhai.

Goodman and Papa plan to buy their yachts tomorrow. If you are interested in said shopping expedition, or joining the club, email membership.royalmomayachtclub (at), Goodman at adam.royalomomayachtclub (at) or Papa at nick.royalmomayachtclub (at)

Note: I fully expect the official food of this group to be a Royal Moma Yacht Club Sandwich.

RMYC is associated with only the best in life.

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  1. Hear! Hear! All hands on deck! Although I am fairly certain the title of first non-profit yacht club in Beijing goes to the Beijing Imperial Yacht Club (founded in 1995)

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