Fire and ice cream: Getting baked (Alaska) at Scarlett in Hotel G

Fresh out of the oven

You don’t see a lot of baked Alaska in Beijing.

Baked Alaskans? Yeah, I met a couple at 2 Kolegas last summer. But baked Alaska, that dessert consiting of sponge cake, ice cream and meringe? Not often. Stick that concoction in a super hot oven, with the meringue insulating the cake and ice cream and thus leaving the latter frozen, and you have a tasty — and, in the case of Hotel G, massive — treat.

Based on taste tests in numerous nations, baked Alaska afficionado Randy Svendsen of 1421 wines says that Hotel G does one of the five best versions he has tried. Svendsen pours a shot and a half of flaming Grand Marnier over his dessert. (It was touch-and-go as to whether he might also light himself on fire, but a steady hand prevailed, and he then tucked into something the size of a loaf of bread.) Frankly, gven Svendsen regularly orders this item, he might well account for between 50 and 100 percent of all baked Alaska sales in Beijing.

3 thoughts on “Fire and ice cream: Getting baked (Alaska) at Scarlett in Hotel G”

  1. I’ve tasted something very much alike in France called “Norwegian Omelette”. It’s the signature dessert of Brasserie Georges in Lyon and if you happen to visit I really recommend you to stop there for a meal.

  2. @ Giacomo,

    The dish was introduced to the hotel by a French chef, so perhaps he brought that recipe with him!

    Cheers, Boyce

  3. Correct Baked Alaska and Omelette Norvegienne,same thing and very simple, classic Dessert. But very popular in North America rather than Europe.

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