Background check in Beijing: So, you say you worked at El Bulli…

Let’s call it “resume enhancement“: a tendency to exagerate where one worked and / or what qualifications one has in order to impress a potential employer. I mean, how likely is the interviewer to actually check if you spent two weeks — instead of the two years listed on your resume — at Bar X? Or to see if you worked at Restaurant X at all?

Well, people do check. Case in point: A hotel manager in Beijing recently told me he had two candidates for his F&B outlets that looked like excellent hires  — until he did a background check and found some, ahem, resume enhancement.

Few places would look better on such a resume than a stint at famed El Bulli in Spain, considered by many to be the best restaurant of the past decade. El Bulli is also far from Beijing, not to mention now closed, thus if someone were applying for here and claiming experience at this place, it might prove difficult to check.

Here’s one way: Jordi Valles of Spanish restaurant Agua in Nali Patio sent me the staff rosters for El Bulli from 1996 to 2011. Does that mean an absence from these lists means no link to the restaurant? Not necessarily. I’m sure El Bulli had some guest stints or training sessions, but this is certainly a starting point if you are hiring and see El Bulli under “work experience”. And if you did work there, El Bulli would like to hear from you.

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