Royal Moma Yacht Club: Boating and BBQ event a qualified success

In yachting, that is known as "the stern".

The Royal Moma Yacht Club (RMYC) held its Gilligan’s Island-themed shindig this weekend, led by Commodore Adam “Deep Six” Goodman and CFO Nick “Poopdeck” Papa. The afternoon included the camaraderie of sharing barbecued victuals followed by the competitiveness of fierce and full-on boating. While some vessels struggled in the water, it is early days yet for the RMYC, and most members — whilst enjoying a post-event beverage at the clubhouse a.k.a. the RAN Cafe Carmelo — seemed to deem the day a qualified success. “Arrr,” said one of them. More details to soon re upcoming events. For now, some photos from the afternoon.

Royal Moma? More like Royal (Food) Coma. (Ha!) Notice the always-entertaining "Under-the-Leg Steak Sandwich Trick".
iBarnacle's "All-Purpose Guide to Yachting in Beijing and Its Environs, 2012" states that having two boats mired in weeds and a third locked into a 360-degree turn is to be avoided if at all possible.
One observer described this scene as, "Two newborn suns streaking across a wet and filthy universe." Touche.
The same observer described this scene as, "The same two newborn stars streaking the other way across a wet and filthy universe." Double touche.
The shore teemed with yachting fans.

Taco time: The Avocado Tree opens off Xiaoyun Road in Beijing

The Avocado Tree opened a branch today beside Home Plate BBQ — on the food street a block behind Kro’s Nest on Xiaoyan Road — and drew a large crowd for its first lunch. Tacos start at rmb12, while both burrito bowls and salads start at rmb26 — click the photos below for the menu.

I had the steak taco (rmb28) with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, corn, salsa, cheese and hot sauce, on a soft shell, and found the ingredients fresh and tasty. A word of warning: the hot sauce lives up to its name.

As for beverages, sodas are rmb6, tea is rmb8, Yanjing draft is rmb 12 and Corona is rmb18.

The Avocado Tree also has branches in Shunyi and Wudaokou, although manager Chelsea says the latter will close. Anyway, given the prices, the outdoor seating and the proximity to Home Plate BBQ, The Avocado Tree provides another reason for heading to this part of town.

Drink long and hard at Home Plate: Ron Jeremy rum at rmb69 per shot

Didn't take long to decide on the price.

Team Innuendo will have a field day with Home Plate BBQ stocking a rum made under the name of porn star Ron Jeremy. Then again, why bother when the label declares this is “the adult rum” with a “long smooth taste” and, after noting the Spanish word for rum is ron, states, “Rons come a plenty but only one is larger than life.” Always nice when someone else carries the load.

Anyway, I went to Home Plate with Frank Siegel, who opened Frank’s Place — then near Workers Stadium — way back in 1990. That arguably makes him the Ron Jeremy of the Beijing bar scene. In terms of being a legend, I mean. I have no idea if he can act.

Home Plate’s Seth Grossman seemed quite happy to show us his new product. I guess that’s no surprise, given he’s also a bit of a “Seth” machine.

(Actually, I just made that price up. Grossman only has one bottle and it is part of his private collection. Ask at the bar if you’re interested in trying it.)

Just waiting for the groove music to start....

They’re crafty*: Six-pack of breweries team up for Beijing Craft Beer Festival this Saturday

A six-pack of breweries will join forces this Saturday from 1 PM to 6 PM for the first Beijing Craft Beer Festival. This is shaping up as one of the most intriguing events on the city’s summer imbibing slate, with the chance to try dozens of beers, including some made by local home-brewers. Expect a lineup of bitters, stouts, porters, ales and more.

The breweries include visitors Boxing Cat from Shanghai and Strong Ale Works from Qingdao as well as locals Great Leap, Slow Boat, Drei Kronen 1308 and Fuerst Carl / Hopfenstube. Great Leap’s Carl Setzer informed me today that a dozen home-brewers will be present with a total of 19 beers at their own pavilion. He adds that due to expected high demand, those home-brewers will present their creations later, about 3:30 PM, “to prevent them from getting crushed.”

Tickets are rmb200 and get each holder 15 samples and two full glasses of beer. You can buy additional beers on site. The festival will include a huge bouncy castle as well as food tents focused on short ribs, French fries, pretzels, desserts, tacos, and more. Three-quarters of the money raised will go to helping The Homebrewer’s Society open an equipment store.

The Beijing Craft Beer Festival will be held at 8 Dawailangying Hutong near Qianmen. Buses will head to the festival from Irish pub Paddy O’Shea’s. For tickets or more info on the festival / buses, see the Great Leap site, or contact Natalie at nathalie.johnston (at) or Candice at cdicelee (at)


* Yeah, that’s a Beastie Boys reference. Good beer music…

High flyers: Results & photos from Hilton Beijing Pole-Dancing Competition IV

The fourth pole-dancing contest at Zeta Bar offered everything one might expect: high-flying antics, revealing costumes, plenty of hooting and hollering, and diligent amateur historians taking hundreds of photos to ensure the night was properly documented and lives on forever.

I arrived late at the Hilton Beijing and thus only saw the last two dancers — three, if you count marketing director Sandy Yang, who showed us some onstage moves — and the “pose down” at the end. I came away impressed at the attitude and athleticism of the contestants.

Sure, there are lots of “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” comments at such an event. But anyone who can hang from a pole at 90 degrees while three meters above a stage and wearing heels — and still smile — well, let’s just say, it ain’t easy. I also saw many women at the event: quite a few of them, as well as some guys, were inspired to pose and try a few moves with the pole after the dancers had long gone.

Here are the winners from the contest, organized with Love Show Studio. The top three dancers were decided by the judges and Miss Pole-pular was decided by crowd vote:


Ms. Zhenzhen / Contestant Six

First Runner-up
Ms. Xiaoping / Contestant Seven

Second Runner-up
Ms. Jiali / Contestant Two

Miss Pole-pular
Ms. Vivi / Contestant Eight

As noted in the title: high flyers
The crowd voted for Miss Pole-Pular.
The winner, a Love Show Studio rep and the judges
The contestants