New stuff in Beijing: The Little Easy, Migas’ new rooftop, Mosto’s extension

Little Easy's neighbors

The Little Easy

New Orleans is all about tequila given the number of shots and lime wedges flying about last Friday at newly opened The Little Easy on the Sanlitun strip proper. Then again, my customer sample size was small, consisting of one gregarious Floridian with a bagful of cash. Other drinks include Harbin beer at rmb25 for a tall boy, Slow Boat beer at rmb40 per glass or three for rmb100, and about a dozen cocktails, including Hurricanes. The Little Easy has already worked out a few pricing issues, says consultant Chad Lager. Case in point: a vodka Red Bull carried a rmb60 price tag last Friday. Unfortunately, it looks like the Little Easy dropped rather than raised the price on this one and thus lost a chance to keep out the riffraff — kidding, always kidding.

The Little Easy has two floors. Downstairs is the bar, some table seating and a stage that would work well for small bands, a comedy night or perhaps one of those poles that are so ubiquitous on this street. (Or perhaps pole-dancing comedians who play guitar?) Upstairs are booths, including a large lounge unit in the center and three tighter ones at the window. As far as I could tell, there is one toilet and it is a squatter.

A word of caution: be careful of that first step drop-off at the inner door. On the other hand, you can always avoid it and sit outside: the free entertainment includes listening to bar touts in action and watching the singers / dancers through the window of the place next door. I haven’t had great experiences on this street over the years, and imagine it won’t be a little easy to change the area’s prevalent attitude that hard-sell tactics work and that most visitors are one-offs, but here’s hoping The Little Easy is one small step in a new direction.


When does a venue become too good at impressing the scene? Perhaps right now in the case of Migas, given that doubling the size of its rooftop – which a) would be a daunting undertaking for most places and b) is in a space that already ranks among the city’s best – seems like simply another task on the to-do list for this team. After all, it was only a few months ago that this establishment successfully opened a very cool bar on the sixth floor.

The new space is north of those giant eggs — if you’ve been up top, you know what I mean. When finished, it will mean three bars on the rooftop, including one for tapas. The opening is set for April 27, with a Strawberry Festival after-party scheduled on April 29, says Eduardo Gutierrez. After that, these guys will need a new challenge. Maybe turning the Bird’s Nest into the world’s biggest open demonstration kitchen?


After a few delays, Mosto has opened its new extension, and celebrated the occasion with a party last weekend. The new semi-private area can hold about a dozen people, comes with its own door and has close proximity to the bathrooms, which have been moved from that dogleg out back to close to the front of the restaurant.

By the way, sibling restaurant Modo is continuing with its happy hours on wine: get pours from that enomatic machine for half-price, from 6 PM to 8 PM, Monday to Thursday, which translates into excellent value. And look for Mosto to soon start a happy hour of its own, says Alex Molina.

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