The Little Easy: New Orleans-themed bar meets neon strip in Sanlitun

The Big Easy was a big rambling ol’ two-floor joint at Chaoyang Park South, with live blues, tasty Bloody Marys and an outdoor bar out back. The Little Easy, to soon open on that neon-laden, big beer brand-sign adorned, lady bar tout-strolling Sanlitun Bar strip, might not be quite as ambitious but aims to bring a bit of New Orleans to our fair city.

The Little Easy is directly across from Sanlitun Village South, two doors north of Swing. On this strip, that is ideal positioning, as Swing is among the few (only?) bars that draws a regular Beijing crowd. Perhaps they can team up and help upgrade that entire area.

Anyway, when I walked by last night, I saw furniture being moved into the two-floor venue and signs on the door door saying it will open March 30, tonight. Ignore those signs.

Chad Lager, known from Fubar, Tun and The Rickshaw, is consulting on the project and says the soft opening will be on Monday. Look for an official launch on April 13..

3 thoughts on “The Little Easy: New Orleans-themed bar meets neon strip in Sanlitun”

  1. Any thoughts as to why the strip developed the way it has? I’ve always wondered why that stretch of pretty prime real estate is filled with bars that are almost always empty save for the occasional tourist that reads about Sanlitun in their guide books and thinks those are the bars it’s talking about.

  2. The reason for success, of those ‘branded’ and ‘non branded’ bars with no customers there is to confuse non local visitors, have them whisked into a taxi by a well meaning local bystander decrying a local and much better place: more social, better beers, better company, whatever. Customer is taken to an extortionate KTV several blocks away and forced a bill.

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