‘Totally’: Answer to the question, ‘Is it finally open?”

Is Mao Mao Chong open? Heard that from more than a few people over the past few months and am happy to report that, after several delays, the answer is yes or, as the sign above says, totally. Totally fully completely — except Tuesdays (see operating hours here).

I stopped in last night and Stephen Rocard and Stephanie Rocard said they had big crowds on Friday and Saturday. I thoroughly tested the Diet Coke stocks and can report they are up to snuff. Looking forward to something stronger next time.

One thought on “‘Totally’: Answer to the question, ‘Is it finally open?””

  1. Boyce you need to coin a phrase that’s halfway between a soft opening and a hard opening. The city needs it. the beijing food and bev industry needs it. for too long confusion over how open a new place really is has caused chaos for patrons and pundits like yourself. Perhaps you could raffle off your lemon tree or one of those dusty bottles of hooch you keep for special occasions. May the force be with you in finding the middle ground should you choose to accept this assignment

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