Sips & bites: Double Dawg at Fubar, plus Grover, Gung Ho, Uncle Otis, Big Smoke

Stadium Dog, which fronts speakeasy Fubar, is introducing a new late-night snack. The Double Dawg includes two wieners, one bun and plenty of room for innuendo, and is available tonight and tomorrow night at the single dog price of rmb25. Plus DJ BB Deng will be unleashing a pack of tunes on both nights. Note: Starting next week, it is only available from 1 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. No word yet on how much a double double dog costs.

As noted here, well-regarded Indian wine label Grover is coming to China soon. Word this week is that China Wines & Spirits will have it in stock within a month.

Also, as noted earlier, Saffron chef Yao Yang has been busy in the kitchen at Gung Ho. He’s added an “Asian-fusion” salad that includes radish and courgette flowers dressed with a red wine-soy sauce vinaigrette.

And work on twin establishments Uncle Otis and The Big Smoke is coming along. This venue is pretty big with more than ten rooms, and plans for everything from a pig on a spit in one establishment to a coffee shop vibe at the entrance to the other. And speaking of snacks, a reminder that sibling establishment The Saddle Canina still has 10-kuai tacos from 4 PM to 6 PM on weekdays. Options include the baha, the nacho and the steak taco.