Sips & bites: St. Patrick’s Day, plus Black Cat Bone at 2 Kolegas, mussels at Brussels, Spanish wine at Migas

It's St. Patrick's Day?

The sold-out Irish Ball on Saturday night at the Capital Renaissance Hotel will feature Irish band Ruffus, flown in from the homeland, but you can also catch them tonight at Paddy O’Shea’s. The band was at the pub last night, massaging their vocal chords with beer, when I stopped by to have a pint of Guinness and see if the Ghana flag I donated to the bar had finally been moved from its horrible position on the fringes to a place more central and befitting of its status. It hadn’t. And thus goes unfilled an opportunity to capture the niche Ghanian drinking demographic in Beijing.

The music should start ~9:30 AM, though music fans are probably thinking about another show: the finale of Black Cat Bone at 2 Kolegas. I first met these guys when I used to help organize an annual summer party way back when and — claims re other bands not withstanding — are the all-time best Beijing blues act. This show will start “late”, which I’m translating as well after midnight. I guess this is also my last chance to link to this Black Cat Bone near-electrocution post.

Anyway, back to St. Patrick’s Day: Paddy’s weekend party continues Saturday and Sunday, with the latter day seeing Great Leap Brewery doing a pop-up beer event starting in the afternoon. Expect plenty of other places, including Durty Nellie’s, The Stumble Inn, The Green Cap, The James Joyce, The Durty Stumblin’ Green-Capped James Joyce, Molly Malone’s, Black Sun Bar and others to provide Guinness action.

Danger Doyle’s is doing pints of the stuff for rmb40 if you wear green, Kro’s Nest has parties at both locations, with Guinness at rmb40 and with DJ BB Deng on the decks in Sanlitun, and Temple Bar has everyone’s favorite tribute Irish band — The Beijing Beatles — and a buy two, get one deal on Guinness.

The Bar at Migas is featuring Spanish organic winery Viña Ijalba from the Rioja region from 6 PM to 8 PM tonight. Says the invite: “By recovering opencast mines, similar to stony deserts with such poor soils where not even weeds would have grown, Dionisio Ruiz Ijalba made one of his greatest contributions to environmental conservation and also found a place for planting his vineyards.” The RMB150 entry fee gets you two glasses of wine and tapas.

Finally, Brussels Bar and Restaurant in Sanlitun South is starting a weekly all-you-can-eat mussels event. Shell out rmb100 and get your fill of mussels, along with a plate of Belgian fries, from 6 PM to 10 PM on Mondays. There is also a deal for three Belgian beers for rmb100.