Sips and bites: Khajuraho opening, Mao Mao Chong relaunch, 4 Corners menu revamp

The team at Khajuraho (Pic: khajurahobeijing.

Billing itself as a purveyor of “exotic and healthy Indian cuisine”, Khajuraho has opened on the west side of Sanlitun Soho, across from lounge / bar Yu. The manager said this restaurant chain also has branches in Moscow and Ulan Bator. Anyway, I spotted it open last night as I walked through Soho after dinner and stopped in to check the menu, which is basically as long as this one. I’ll be back to try the food soon. And maybe this will be among the places to stock wine from India’s Grover Vineyards.

Mao Mao Chong is looking at officially relaunching at 3 PM on Sunday. The tables and chairs opposite the bar have been replaced with a collapsible ledge along the wall and wheeled stools that double as lockers – each seat is atop a box big enough to store a medium-sized backpack, a laptop bag or a 24-pack of kimchi-flavored instant noodles. Thus, when the place gets busy, the ledge can be flipped down, the stools wheeled aside and more people accommodated. A bench is being added to the window. And the bar back has been made more convenient by rearranging the fridge, sink and shelves. But, ultimately, the key thing is simply that the pizza and cocktails will soon be back.

And 4corners in Dashibei Hutong has new menu items such as homemade cold cuts and pates and Vietnamese sandwiches a.k.a. banh mi, says Jun Trinh, who adds he also offers Western dishes such as burgers and ribs. Trinh will soon head to Turkey to film the newest segment of his cooking and travel show: look for some influences from that country in the next menu update. And expect this place to grow in popularity as the weather improves given both its courtyard and rooftop.

Jun Trinh in the kitchen...

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