Double up: Two-floor whiskey, wine and cocktail bar to open in Sanlitun

Amazing what adding a few windows can do...

Sanlitun might seem to be crowded with bars, restaurants and cafes, but there is room for many more, and plans are underway for a two-floor cocktail, whiskey and wine bar in an area I feel has long been overlooked. I recently got a peak inside, just as construction started, and can give a few details.

(By the way, I didn’t get this peak because I have some kind of amazing connections, but because I overheard the people involved in the project talking about it in a restaurant, I eventually interrupted them and asked if I could see the place, and, after a few weeks of back and forth, they finally agreed.)

  • The venue has two levels. Each measures about 200 square meters and will be equipped with toilets.
  • The lower floor will be centered around a lounge with two large sofa areas, a long bar and a station for making ice balls and other items. There are several private rooms, each able to fit up to 20 people each, leading off of the lounge. Expect a conservative but modern decor, and a focus on cocktails and a wide range of spirits.
  • The upper floor will be much airier and focus on wine, including Champagnes.
  • There will be at least one “crash pad” for those who perhaps had too much and need a nap.

This project is headed with someone who has at least a decade of experience in the Beijing restaurant and bar scene and who says the place should be open in about a month. More details soon.

Right now a private private room...

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