Not *that* Maggie: The Iron Lady cocktail at Flamme in Beijing

I stopped by Flamme last night for happy hour (3:30 PM to 7:30 PM), heard some banter about that Margaret Thatcher movie and decided I wanted a cocktail called The Iron Lady. The ever-open minded Paul Mathew agreed to make some adjustments to a Pink Lady by swapping out the gin for whiskey, a typical Thatcher tipple, and even drew a Union Jack on the egg white foam using raspberry syrup and Blue Curacao. (Trust me, it looked exactly like a flag. It has been done an injustice in the pic below due to my crappy phone camera.)

The resulting Iron Lady had plenty of character and a Johnnie Walker kick, though some might find it tart and in-your-face, which would arguably make it even more appropriate. Given the choice, though, I think I’d go for a Titanic II. And for those who are wondering, we kept the Argentine Malbec safely away at the other end of the bar.

Note: The guys from Fontaine absinthe were in Flamme and gave me a sip of the stuff. More on this soon.


Blame my camera, that topping looked *exactly* like a Union Jack


3 thoughts on “Not *that* Maggie: The Iron Lady cocktail at Flamme in Beijing”

  1. Boyce, I’m a Thatcherite (I’m all about self determination, like playing Heaven is a place on earth whenever I want to)and I just went to see the movie- It was a fascinating time in the UK in the late 80’s when I was there, and much more changed earlier in the decade. Sadly the producers decided to make half the film a tacky storyline about her being senile and suffering from delusions (some might say that was true in her earlier years)Like her or not she is a fascinating historical character and they didnt bother to focus on that, just this dumb stuff of her being retired. Streep got the Oscar based on her portrayal of Thatcher and her dementia- playing someone with physical or mental difficulties is the easiest way to get an Oscar. Bottom line- Dont bother with the movie, hopefuly a better one will be made down the road and with more Neil Kinnock, Roy Hattersley and Heseltine.

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