Bourbon twist: Dxcel to handle Jim Beam, Maker’s, Baker’s, Booker’s & more in China

Jim Beam’s riding into Dxcel Town, says Hess.


It looks like importer and distributor Dxcel just downed the equivalent of a quintuple shot given word it has added Jim Beam to its portfolio. Dxcel handles brands that range from beer labels Brooklyn, BrewDog and Estrella to spirits Purity vodka, Rives gin and Templeton rye. This new deal is a biggie for the company and will obviously include Jim Beam products such as White Label and Black Label, though the company will not have exclusivity, says Brandon Hess of Dxcel. But he says the company will be sole distributor of Jim Beam’s “small batch’ products, including Booker’s, Baker’s, Knob Creek and Basil Hayden’s as well as Maker’s Mark. He also says the company will pick up more brands, including Canadian Club whiskey, Corvoisier Cognac and Suaza tequila. More to come on these products and on the Bourbons.

7 thoughts on “Bourbon twist: Dxcel to handle Jim Beam, Maker’s, Baker’s, Booker’s & more in China”

  1. Jim Beam White is sold in every grocery store and booze/cigarette shop in China…

    All the other stuff’s sounding real good, tho!

  2. This is BIG news! I’m looking forward to seeing greater availability of the small batch bourbon in Beijing!

  3. Wider distribution of the “small batch” lines is great news for Beijing’s bourbon lovers.

  4. @ Mr. Hao,

    You mean Jim Beam is already available in Beijing? No Way!

    Actually, that widespread availability is why is isn’t exclusive to Dxcel, which doesn’t have the network to do that kind of distribution. But Dxcel can piggyback that Beam on to the other Bourbons, or vice versa, and hopefully does so at the places I frequent.

    Cheers, Boyce

  5. @Boyce

    Yes, yes it is. 100% willing to volunteer to organize people if you’ll speak to the new Keepers of the Bourbon.

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