The perfect all-weather Gung Ho pizza delivery vehicle (cheese balls not included)

Imagine this baby fully loaded… with cheese balls.


I recently saw this vehicle outside my apartment and my first thought was Beatles. Not the car from Volkswagen, but the band from Liverpool, because I was standing beside neighbor Ian Burns of The Beijing Beatles and saw him in the vehicle’s reflection.

My second thought — and in no way am I saying this was due to Burns’ presence — was sensory deprivation tank / self-contained bong for one (or two if you squeeze).

And my third thought: this is the perfect all-weather delivery vehicle for Gung Ho, or other spots, for that matter. I simply thought of Gung Ho because I could imagine the trim painted day-glow pink, a couple of flags attached to the sides and the cockpit fitted with a cheese ball-shooting gun to help promote that product to pedestrians passed on the way to deliveries (that’s called marketing, people).

Plus, it’d be a lot cheaper than the planned, according to rumors, fleet of delivery vehicles the team is currently referring to as the Gung HoVercraft.*

* Actually, I haven’t heard a single rumors about that, which I guess shows how secret the plan is.

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