Yummy Box: New China View pizza joint features 28-inch pies

That would be the large...


The China View complex has Gung Ho, Annie’s, Danger Doyle’s and Da Giuseppe, with The Den a few meters away and Papa John’s across the street, so the thing the place needed was another pizza joint, right? Ask and you shall receive. Yummy Box opened on the east side, just down from Gung Ho, about a week ago.

This place doubles as a restaurant and bar, with five tables for four upstairs and plenty of seating on the main floor. Pizzas top out at 28 inches (see photo above), with 15 options from rmb498 to rmb518, including pepperoni, kimchi and tuna, and “Sicilian Pirate”, with pesto, smoked salmon, capers, mozzarella and Parmesan. Fourteen-inch pizzas start at rmb88.

Other items include salads, pastas and wings — see full menu here. The drinks list includes bottles of Beijing beer at rmb10 and Tucher and Karlsberg Black Baron at rmb30. I stopped in last night after I spotted Yummy Box on my way home and will soon return to try the pizza.


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  1. well, I gave it a shot, called them and asked them to deliver…surprise, surprise…sorry, today no delivery. Wanna bet get the same reply tomorrow??

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