Manneken Pis in Beijing: Brussels Restaurant and Bar opens in Sanlitun South


Brussels Restaurant and Bar, with a logo featuring Menneken Pis (see below), has opened as the newest food and drink outlet in Sanlitun South. The place is headed by owner Mo Fan, Jessie and Xiao Li a.k.a. Lily, who lived in Belgium for 15 years. Chad Lager came on board this week to assist during the opening and the first month of business.

Fans of Belgian beer can take advantage of a special mix and match deal: choose from among 13 beers regularly priced at rmb40 and get three for rmb100 or seven for rmb200. Draft beers include Tsingtao at rmb20, Stella and Tiger at rmb30 and Guinness at rmb50. Also on tap is Chimay Red at rmb40 for a 335 ml glass. As for other beverages, a 60 ml Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned will be rmb60 while a smoky martini with Caol Ila will be rmb40.

Brussels Restaurant & Bar is a spacious two-story venue that can seat about 120. It faces 1949: The Hidden City and is just around the corner from Sanlitun Kro’s Nest. The bar is currently open daily from 6 PM to 2 AM, with the food menu and official launch set for March 2. Expect the menu to include waffles, beef stew, mussels and other Belgian favorites and for the place to add booths and a pool table by then.


5 thoughts on “Manneken Pis in Beijing: Brussels Restaurant and Bar opens in Sanlitun South”

  1. Good luck to them.Nothing exciting about Belgian Beers, available at many places in Beijing.Belgian Food is served at Morel’s since a decade.
    Will be hard to succeed in that location.

  2. man, Beijings nighlife seems so tired, we need something new from someone soon, please, but this i dont think is it

  3. All the best to them and i hope they will offer something new.A pooltable in a restaurant is some what strange but can be fun .great to have you in town.

  4. A Belgian restaurant should start with a Belgian guy: we rarely play pool (especially not in restaurants), but do play other games in bars.

    A typical Belgian bar has many many beers, and preferably not the “Leuven-university-beer-Stella”, as there are many many many better beers.

    Belgians hate all-you-can eat, as it attracts not the kind of people you want in your restaurant. If the goal is to move a lot of the same food: sell different dishes instead.

    From the pictures it does not seem that the bar looks like a Belgian bar. It makes me think about Ikea: in Belgium considered the cheapest place to buy low quality furniture.

    Why do they not put the authentic thing in place?

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