Give a Crap Report: Special Beijing Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Edition

So, I had this idea the other day…. (image: Angry Dog Designs)


Welcome to a special edition of The Give a Crap Report, which concerns what would happen in the Beijing bar and restaurant scene if only people listened to me, me, me! (See previous reports here.)

I know about a dozen people in the Beijing branch of Entrepreneurs Organization, think they generally provide very good products and services, and read online that the group aims to triple in size to about 100 members in a few years. I have a modest proposal that I think would both boost membership and result in fun for me and readers of this blog. Basically, the idea is to hold an event that promotes EO in general and individual members in particular. Here’s an example of what I  mean, using examples of Beijing members and/or their companies.

I’m writing this from the new Switch restaurant, where one of the owners is an EO member. This place can fit 110 people sitting down, many more standing, and provides a possible venue for such an event — let’s call it Jia-EO! for the sake of having a name. What about drinks for Jia-EO? How about some nice reds and whites from member The Wine Republic, as this company occasionally does free tastings anyway? Add a stand for java from Esquires Coffee and another stand for pizza slices from Gung Ho, also members. Add a gift-bag with a souvenir Jia-EO! T-shirt from Plastered and a raffle for D:Fuse shoes and other member products. Promotion? No problem. That could be handled by a tag team of members East-West PR and True Run Media, which publishes Agenda and The Beijinger. As for entertainment, one of the members is also in the The Beijing Beatles, while the group has a perfect emcee in Chopschticks organizer Richard Robinson. Well, you get the idea…

Anyway, perhaps the event could start with an invite-only portion for those people considered most likely to join as members, followed by a party for a general audience (the likes of me) in order to showcase what current members have to offer and simply to have fun. I don’t know. It’s just a rough idea. All I know is that if you got all of the companies together for a party, I’d pay to go. Anyone else?

(Image: Angry Dog Designs at Deivant Art. Follow this link.)

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