Wurst.Luga’s.Ever: Half-price pizza and nachos with sausage to come?


I stopped going to Luga’s Villa some time ago because I found it increasingly grungy and full of the “hey man, want some stuff?” crowd. Anyway, I made a long overdue visit last night and found:

- The bar has been reorganized. It is shorter, flush against the back wall, and word is Paul Mathew, known to many for his work at Flamme, consulted on the redesign.

- There are apparently plans to introduce a German menu downstairs. Coming up with names and events for such a place would be a delicious exercise. How about Das Luga’s or Lu-ja‘s, for a name, a weekly sausage night called Wurst.Luga’s.Ever., and a fusion dish, taking advantage of the Italian restaurant above, called PanzerOtti? I”m sure you can come up with much better suggestions.

- There is a Monday half-price pizza deal from 5 PM to close.  Yes, the photo above is not very good, and the pizza might not win any “best” awards, but that is a good-sized slab (30 cm by 20 cm) for rmb27. There are 21 pizza options, with regular prices ranging from rmb45 for a Margherita to rmb78 for a meat-laden pie. There are also deals on Tuesdays for steak and on Wednesdays for nachos — or is it the other way around? I’ll double-check.

Beers on tap include Paulaner (rmb55 for 500ml, rmb100 for 1000ml), with other options including soft drinks at rmb20, mixed drinks at rmb30 (rmb18 with an extra shot), and margaritas at rmb50 (rmb35 during happy hour). Happy hour is from 11 AM to 9 PM.

And for lunch, there are two rmb55 deals. The Mexican special is chicken tortilla or garden salad, plus a small burrito (bean, chicken or beef) or chicken breast with cilantro sauce, fries and vegetables, plus soft drink, juice, draft beer or medium Grand Marnier margarita. The Italian special is cream of mushroom soup or vegetable salad, plus a pizza (three options) or a small pasta (Bolognese or Carbonara sauce), plus the same drink options.

Overall, a good experience at Luga’s Villa, which retains its familiarity but has benefited from a good scrub and some reorganization. Last, but not least, I found the staff friendly and efficient. This held true when I visited the other Luga’s, across from Aperitivo, which also went through a makeover a month ago. A glass facade now encompasses the entrance to both the first floor and Pho Pho on the second floor, though the menu remains the same.

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  1. Lugas’s has in-house dealers? Thanks for the tip. Reading your blog has finally paid off!

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