Fubalanche of sound: DJ Diaper + DJ Press/Play = New Year’s Eve fun


Call it the iTunes match-up of the millennium: DJ Diaper and DJ Press/Play hit the decks at Fubar this Saturday night to right-click party-goers into 2012.

DJ Press/Play, formerly DJ Running with Scissors, is considered the “king of minimalism” in the burgeoning “less is more” underground music scene. “Ever since the accident, I basically push that play button, sit back and let the magic happen,” he says oh-so-nonchalantly.

DJ Press/Play is fan of tech house, trance, funk, electro jazz, retro-nasal dubstep with a Chicago deep dish twist – “oh, pretty much everything”, he says – though he plans to play a set focused on C+C Music Factory, Black Eyed Peas, and the like on Saturday. He cites as other influences over-the-counter medications, “significant relationship issues” and a “not-so-chance encounter” in 2006 with a UFO and its probe-happy alien occupants.

A recent interview with Slipped Disc magazine revealed more of this musical genius:

“Why the name ‘DJ Press/Play’?”

I actually have a codependent relationship with my equipment: it presses me as much as I press it. Imagine a kung fu master punching through a 12-inch wall of bricks — made out of cotton candy. Know what I mean?”

“What is your pre-set meal?”

Skippy peanut butter. In. Out. Like soul glue. A religious experience. My toaster is like Jesus — bread goes in soft and comes out crispy, a miracle to the technologically uninformed. Skippy takes me to another dimension — specifically, the eleventh one.”

“Let’s go through some of your rivals.”

[DJ Diaper?] How do you prepare for a guy who drops off the kids in his pants instead of at the swimming pool, if you know what I mean. You seriously don’t want to be number two in the DJ booth behind him. [DJ Blackie?] We were friends – before the accident. Then he kept saying, “Why don’t you change your name to ‘DJ Walking with Scissors‘, ha ha.” Go back to your lotion, tissues and ABBA albums, Blackie. And a warning: I’m keeping an eye on you, even if it’s the only one I have left. [DJ Black Tooth?] I wish he’d get that thing pulled.

Hopes and dreams?

When they look back at me, I want them to say, “He didn’t press that play button too hard or too soft but just right. I also hope to launch my own hat line for hipsters. Unknown to the wearer, each hat would be rigged with a pretentiousness meter and explode when a certain level is met. It’s not that I’m for violence, it’s that I’m anti-knob.

Meanwhile, DJ Diaper – the cover of Slipped Disc magazine screams “he’s the poo!” – has been raising a stink in the music scene for nearly two years and it is easy to see why. After all, what can one do if one wishes to play a 12-hour set, drink copious amounts of energy-giving asparagus juice and not waste time on toilet breaks? Wear a diaper. And not just any diaper: these babies are custom-made with the most up-to-date anti-leak technology, extra absorbency and trunk space. So popular has DJ Diaper become that his used undergarments now fetch thousands of euros in online auctions.

DJ Diaper cites his influences as Flavor Flav, Frank Zappa, The Teletubbies, the International Asparagus Juice Association and the philosophy of DJ Chunky. “Like him, I am a proponent of continually turning the volume up and down,” he says. “In the trade, we call this mixing.”

You can catch him in action with DJ Press/Play on Saturday night at Fubar, just a few doors down from George’s, which will be hosting the Beijing Beatles, in case people are looking to hit several venues in one night.

Note: If you are wondering, “Gee, I wonder if Boyce designed that poster himself?” The answer, believe it or not, is yes. I am particularly good at stretching or squeezing fonts.

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