Turkey in Beijing: Includes My Short History of Thanksgiving

It’s a turkey! With laces! (Get it?) (pic: wallpapers.pics365web.net)


More than one hundred years ago, The Pilgrims drank all the ice tea in Boston Garden and began the American Revolution against the English Premier League led by Queen Victoria Beckham I (the original Victoria, not the one married to affaminate soccer guy). After months of fighting at Trafalger Square, Applematics and Ewah Jima, The Pilgrims plus their partners The Indians, who are named after a baseball team in Cleveland of all things (!), beat the English and made the United States of America. The Founder Fathers chose Alicia Scott Keyes to write the Star Spangul Banner and said every November that all people should eat a turkey — maybe there was a special on birds back then at Yee Olde Wall Mart, ha ha. Now Americans everywhere do this, even in China, such as Joseph Stillwell (saw it on Discovery Channel), Stephen Marberry and Da Shan. By the way, my friend Pong  says Da Shan should call himself Da Niao today, because that means Big Bird, like a turkey, ha ha…*


OK, now that the contrasting effects of three coffees and a double-shot of Nyquill have dissipated, here a few places to get some turkey today — I basically combed through my email to get these. Sorry for the lateness — busy, busy of late.

NOLA gives you two options — eat in the restaurant or do a takeaway turkey — today, tomorrow and Saturday. RSVP required. Call 8563-6215. (By the way, Brandon Trowbridge says the affiliated Cookies Cookie Shop will provide free shipping through November 27. Use the code TRKYCC at www.cookiescookieshop.com.)

Salt still has seats left for its second sitting tonight — 8:30 PM. The five-course meal (rmb368) includes three appetizers, including one with roast pumpkin and pine nut foam, ginger, pears and more, three mains options — roast turkey, salmon or scallop, red wine and mushroom risotto, and a choice of desserts, including roast apple tart with walnut ice cream. RSVP at 6437-8457.

Maison Boulud has a turkey dinner for rmb561 from 6 PM to 10 PM. RSVP with Nicolas at nicolas.socquet@maisonboulud.

And Cheese and Wine is recommending Camille Giroud Pinot Noir 2007 and Chateau Cambon La Pelouze Haut-Medoc 2006 with your roast turkey.

I’m feeling pretty lazy so this might be a Turkey Reuben might at Union Bar & Grille. With a side of cranberry vodkas…


* Please blame any inaccuracies in the above history to the Canadian school system.

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