Sips & Bites: The Frost Report, Argana & Friends, 12SQM & Whiskey

Manhattan, manicure and massage joint Frost should open Saturday, close to April Gourmet near Workers Stadium, though the official launch is December 1. Frost is a narrow venue with four chairs for manicures at one end, an L-shaped lounge area at the other, and a bar and table seating between. There is a separate room for massages. A tight but well-organized fit.

Expect draft Vedett and De Konnick, bottled beer, six wines by the glass,  and a cocktail lineup that includes house drink The Frosty Nail (I’m pretty sure you’ll also be able to get a Rusty Nail). As for food, patrons can get desserts, including cupcakes from Lollipop, or order 12-inch pizzas from Kro’s Nest [last part still to be confirmed. Ed]. Co-owner Jeff Powell says come spring, he will set up several tables and a BBQ out front for those who want a burger with their buff.

On the way to Frost, I passed Argana, where the facade also includes signs for Escobar and Casablanca, to see what is going on. (I haven’t been since the opening of Stallion upstairs.) This appears to be the deal: Upstairs is now Casablanca, which took over from Stallion, though it looks like the preferred pickup scheme has switched from guy-guy to guy-girl given a tagline on the business card that reads, “Let Jack shall meet Jill“. Downstairs, it is still Argana. Until 10 PM. When it becomes Escobar. Which is oriented more to drinks than Argana. Got it?

Finally, 12SQM will hold a whiskey tasting on Friday at 8:30 PM, led by Paul Mathew, who many people know from his cocktails at Flamme. The lineup includes Hohnnie Walker Black, Talisker 10, Balvenie 12, Singleton 12, Laphroaig 10, Jameson, Wild Turkey and  Templeton Rye. The fee is rmb350 if you want a shot of each or rmb175 for half shots. That’s one whiskey per 1.5 square meters. Why not just up to a dozen for a 1:1 ratio…

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