Sips & bites: Coming to the Village? Bellagio, Yun Lounge, and more

Plenty of renovations on the top floor of Swire’s Sanlitun Village South as several venues have closed and new ones are slated to open. Word is the former “fondue” spot will be replaced by a branch of Taiwanese restaurant Bellagio while the former Club Le Zazou, which later went by the names Club Le and G-Loft, will be split between Shanghainese and Italian restaurants — the entire club space has been gutted and, at least on the west side, the upper floor removed.

Meanwhile, a sign is up for “Yun Lounge” on that so-far-empty fourth floor space that straddles the top of Hatsune and Element Fresh. The signs indicate the operation is by Yunnan restaurant chain Middle 8th. And early work reveals three small private rooms, a large private one, an open space with a bar, and a deck on the west side.

Finally, the former Toni & Guy space beside Element Fresh is also under renovations and will reopen as, well, I have no idea. Given the success of Element Fresh, perhaps it — as one observer suggests — will expand into that space.

2 thoughts on “Sips & bites: Coming to the Village? Bellagio, Yun Lounge, and more”

  1. Bellagio expanding into the Village makes a lot of sense. Add one of those Jin Ding Xuan cafes that are popping up in other malls, and the affordable yet delicious dining options would be greatly improved.

  2. I’m interested in what (if anything) will ever happen to the huge club / cinema-shaped space immediately above Ciro’s at Nali Patio. Any ideas?

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