Wangfujing Cathedral: So, I saw this couple dancing…

They’re walking the line.


On Thursday night, I found myself stuck in Wangfujing (no cabs) in a funk (bad week) after a wine tasting (bad idea during a bad week). I decided to visit the cathedral. When I first moved to Beijing, I stayed at an inn near this church for more than a month while I checked dozens of potential apartments. I spent some time hanging around Wangfujing, drinking coffee and reading newspapers, but Thursday night was the first time I had seen it this busy. There were hundreds of people line dancing. That provided a nice distraction. But what eventually drew my attention was a couple who showed up and, rather than follow everyone else, did their own thing. They were quite good with their twists and turns, free spins and dos-à-dos. And they provided a welcome contrast to that mechanical line dance behind.


They’re dancing with ourselves.

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