Sips & Bites: Dead Guy Draft at Grinders, new Blue Frog open, Beer Mania to be Wine Mania

Number 21 is still with us. (


Like it says, Dead Guy Draft at Grinders. This time our fantasy league focused on Sweden. I started off explosively with my first pick, Alfred Noble, then followed up with former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld and, in what was the surprise move of the day, Olof Skötkonung. (First-millennium son-of-Eric-the-Victorious Swedish royalty? Oh yeah, I went there.) After that, things fell apart. I was penalized for taking actor Dolph Lundgren and former NHL defensemen Borje Salming — apparently they are alive — and almost did the same with Hans Blix. Then I was penalized yet again when I confused director Ingmar Bergman and actress Ingrid Bergman, with a fellow player noting that the latter is “not a guy”.  I picked painter Isaac Hirsche Grünewald and Jacob Magnus Sprengtporten simply for their names and finished by grabbing — I couldn’t believe he was still left — Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing. Not the best, or worse, Dead Guy Draft I’ve been involved in although it pales to our New Zealand session where I managed to get explorer Edmund Hillary, Sinologist Rewi Alley, mathematician Alexander Aitken and runner Jack Lovelock with my first four moves.

By the way, you have no doubt realized that this is all bullshit and that the Dead Guy draft at Grinders refers to a tasty pale ale, the tap through which it will flow installed less than an hour ago. Owner Trevor Metz says the regular price of a pint will be rmb50 , while during happy hour it will drop to rmb35. I know how much this stuff costs to bring in and that is a fair price.

Also of note, the new Blue Frog at Chaoyangmen is open for business, says manager Greg Dover. It might take a week or two, however, before that two-for-one Monday burger deal starts.

And a new date has been set for an event that will see Beer Mania turn into Wine Mania. That event will feature 15 wines from distributor La Caumette, start from 6 PM on November 25, and will see The Beijing Beatles play at around 9:30 PM.

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  1. for the sticklers out there, dead guy is only “kinda, sort of” a pale ale. at 6.5% ABV, it’s already on the strong side for that category. it uses the malt bill of a maibock (a bottom-fermenting lager style) but brewed with top-fermenting ale yeast. the munich malt in a maibock is often richer than the malts in most american pale ales. (english pale ales tend to use maritime malts like maris otter, which is richer than the usual american 2-row barley, but english pales are customarily brewed to a lower gravity than american, and thus may seem lighter.) dead guy is also more strongly hopped than a traditional german maibock, and furthermore uses a non-traditional hop variety (perle) that isn’t common in the more classic versions of either pale ales or maibocks.

    to sum up, it’s a hybrid beer, and thus admittedly somewhat hard to pin down. i’m just saying that a person might be thrown off somewhat if he/she were expecting a “pale ale”.

  2. Good job with the 4 Kiwi names- thats almost 50% of the population in NZ. BTW- Russell Crowe is a Kiwi, Australia had forgot until he threw a phone. Also Mel Gibson was born in the US so he’s American too now.

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