Low-carb Contest: Win a pair of 750-gram steaks and martinis from Flamme

Marketing manager Carrie Lei, chef Leo Chang and restaurant manager Helen Jin


Update: Details on the winner here.

Man, those steaks are big. So big they have their own weather systems*. So big you don’t need a doggy bag, you need an elephant bag.  So big…

Well, you get the idea.

Anyway, low-carb fans ought to be happy with this contest given the prize, a prize  that should be enough for the winner and a friend:

  • Two 750-gram bone-in ribeye steaks
  • Two classic martinis made with Bombay Sapphire gin
  • One avocado salad

To win, fill in the blank in this sentence (leave your answer in the comments section):

This steak is so big __________________.”

So big Flamme needs to use a crane to deliver it to the table. So big you could use it as a meat raft. So big…
The details:
  • Leave a comment and fill in the blank: “This steak is so big __________________.”
  • All reasonable comments go into the draw for two 750-gram ribeyes, two martinis and one avocado salad from Flamme.
  • The deadline is Monday at 3 PM.
  • Note that this prize cannot be used on Tuesdays (two-for-one steak night), holidays or with other promotions. And Flamme will need a day’s notice before you come in to mow down


* Yes, I am borrowing lines from So I Married an Axe Murderer.

36 thoughts on “Low-carb Contest: Win a pair of 750-gram steaks and martinis from Flamme”

  1. The steak is so big that (insert the race yourself here) women had abandoned their umbrellas but using this to block the ultra-violet instead.

  2. That steak is so big that when you climb to the top of it your ears pop…

    That steak is so big that the napkin is made by Barnum and Bailey…

    That steak is so big that the bone has an echo…

    That steak so big that when God said “let there be light!” the staff at Flamme had to hide it under a table…

    That steak so big they delivered it in a Monster Truck and it turned into a lowrider…

  3. That steak is so big that…

    - it has its own gravitational field
    - it has its own big steak that has its own little big steak
    - its orbit is further than Neptune
    - it is causing our universe to implode
    - it is being overthrown in a civil uprising
    - it caused the earthquake in DC

  4. That steak is so big, if it was in the South China Sea, Beijing would be registering a claim for historical sovereignty.

  5. This steak is so big that …

    - I wanna swallow like a wolf and gulp down like a tiger!狼吞虎咽!

    - I wanna hold the wall to walk into Flamme, crawling out after I finish them! 扶墙进,爬地出

    - I stand on it but can only the steak and sky! 肉天交际

    - I wanna be best meat&alcohol friends with flamme! 酒肉朋友


  6. that steak is so big that throwing it in the water at the beach would make the tide change

    That steak is so big that the animals at the zoo feed it

    That steak is so big that its picture on the menu is an aerial shot

    That steak is so big that people could jog around it for exercise

  7. This steak is so big that

    …lions wouldn’t even attempt to finish it.
    …you need a shovel to flip it.
    …I could hug it and feed by osmosis for a month.
    …I would trade my soul for it.
    …I thought it was carved from a T-Rex.
    …Heather Mills wants her leg back.

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