Hip hops: Great Leap Brewing set to launch Great Wall operation

Beer fans unable to find Great Leap Brewing in the hutongs west of Nanluoguxiang, or simply too lazy to make the trip, will soon have access to the draft that made this place one of the Beijing’s biggest recent successes. Owner and beer maker Carl Setzer says he now has pale ale, IPA and porter in the fermentation tanks at the new operation near the  Great Wall and plans to add signature brews Honey Ma and Iron Buddha. Setzer says several bars and restaurants are already lined up as clients and he aims to start trial distribution at the start of September. The new operation will boost production by as much as 800 percent, with space to triple or quadruple that if the demand exists. Also of note, Great Leap will team up with Le Fromager de Pekin for a cheese and beer tasting on September 4.

5 thoughts on “Hip hops: Great Leap Brewing set to launch Great Wall operation”

  1. Will they have a refrigerator?

    I’m sorry but what they served last Saturday night wasn’t the least bit pleasant.

    I love the beer – but it needs to be at least 3 degrees colder than the ambient air temperature!

  2. Hey Jim is the beer and cheese tasting on the 4th just going to be at the bar in NGLX? Or elsewhere? RSVP? etc. I am definitely interested so let me know the detes.

  3. I’m with Matt. I was also there last Saturday and was served warm beer with the consistency of pondwater. Undrinkable. They still charged us 40 rmb a glass and sort of shrugged when we asked why our (second round of) beers were so awful.
    We are reasonable people, so would have probably been okay with a partial refund, an apology, or even an explanation!

  4. @lemonade stand,

    Yeah- the shrugging and “we don’t give a shit” vibe that the staff gives out was noticeable and unpleasant the few times I went. We get it. It’s a microbrewery. They’re cool. There aren’t many of them in Beijing. The beer is pretty good. But I wouldn’t mind it if someone else opened a similar business in the city and provided reasonable levels of service. It isn’t like it would be that difficult.

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