Beer in Beijing: Vandergeeten has 3 Ch’ti brews and Jade malt


Yet another post about yet more beer appearing in our fair city. Distributor Vandergeeten is bringing in brews from French operation Brasserie Castelain, including three from the Ch’ti series — Blonde (6.4%), Amber (5.9%), Triple (7.5%) — with the latter available at the recent Beijinger beer festival. The portfolio also includes Jade malt (4.6%), described by Vandergeeten as “the first biological beer brewed in France (1986).” Marketing head Fredrik Esbensen says the beers are available at Tonton in Sanlitun Soho and El Nido in Andingmen. (I’ve also seen the Jade at Heaven Supermarket.)

One thought on “Beer in Beijing: Vandergeeten has 3 Ch’ti brews and Jade malt”

  1. i think “biologique” (for food/drink) is usually translated as into english “organic”.

    in any case, this is great news. these beers are excellent, and showcase that the french aren’t only good at making wine, and that french beer isn’t limited to just kronenbourg.

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