New Gung Ho Pizza space + Gung Ho-Vedett draw…

This is an exclusive, a “you heard it hear first”, a Beijing food and beverage breaking news story, a… I’m just kidding. I’m not a big fan of such wording. Anyway…

Just a heads up for pizza fans in Lido: Word is the new restaurant will go in the Peter’s Tex-Mex space in Lido. That makes it close to those hundreds of wines at Jenny Lou’s,  not to mention to Cafe del Mar

Re the Gung Ho pizza-Vedett beer giveaway, I’m trying to get all the parties concerned together to do the draw. Hopefully, that will happen early this evening…

4 thoughts on “New Gung Ho Pizza space + Gung Ho-Vedett draw…”

  1. Where does that leave Peter’s? While having Gung Ho in the neighborhood sounds great, I like going to Peter’s every once in a while.

  2. Word on the street is peters is moving down the street next to parkside in a bigger space. Also welcome to the neighborhood Gung ho.

  3. Looking forward to getting up into Lido guys…expect our store to be opening with a bang in November!

    (Peter’s is in fact moving next to Franks, I was told it should be open Sept 1st)

    Jade Gray
    Gung Ho Pizza

  4. Dear Annie’s,
    You know we’ve had a good run, right? And you will of course remain my daughter’s one true love. But I just have to tell you, and never thought I would say this, its over between us. Once these guys open up, you are dead to me. Except when I call Peter’s because I need tacos.
    Its not you, its me… and Gung Ho’s tasty tasty goodness.

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