New Kro’s Nest menu: Pizza rolls, deep-fried Oreos and more

We will rock and pizza roll you.


Those seeking a single pizza serving at Kro’s Nest will be happy to know the new menu includes something akin to stomboli. It is essentially a pizza, rolled up, about a foot long and a good size for loners. They start from rmb25. Also new to the Kro’s Nest menu:

  • Three “power tower” options, including with three orders of wings (rmb118), with fried mushrooms, artichokes and jalapenos (rmb98) and with fries, onion rings and wings (rmb85).
  • Pizza nachos with ground beef, cheddar and more (rmb35)
  • Beef and pork meatballs in marinara sauce (rmb35)
  • A soup and salad combo (rmb42)

There are three new desserts: deep-fried Oreo cookies (rmb30), brownies with ice cream (rmb35) and cookies with milk (rmb35).

All good but it would be nice to see the team draw some inspiration from local cuisine. Any chance of a Kro’s / bird’s nest soup and pizza combo?