Sips & bites: Canada Day, Fourth of July, Let’s Burger Plus, El Nido

Just a heads up, here are some Canada Day and Fourth of July specials in Beijing this weekend. Also:

Let’s Burger Plus will open next week, perhaps as early as dinner on Monday, in Sanlitun Village North. The place looks good and management says diners can expect a more diverse menu than what is found at Let’s Burger in Nali Patio. More on this soon…

Xiao Shuai of hutong bar El Nido in Andingmen has taken over the beer fridges and space out front of Japanese restaurant He Yi Shang in front of the Hopson Center and beside Bang Bang pizza. He held an opening of sorts last week by giving out ten cases of Harbin and has more than 70 beers on hand. I spent last Friday night at that trio of places on that strip, which includes Korean restaurant Iki, and plan to go back soon. (Try the bibimbap topped with mozzarella: good and gooey.)