Spice up your life? The Buffalo Wing Martini Experiment

One drop or two?


I learned many things in my recent quest to make a Buffalo Wing Martini. Here are two of them:

  1. Infusing vodka with Buffalo wing meat and then “washing” out the fat in order to create a martini garnished with blue cheese stuffed olives — well, the end product didn’t taste very good. At least not the one we tried yesterday.
  2. Infusing vodka with Buffalo wing meat upsets people. Several people that I assume consider themselves to be open-minded seemed genuinely annoyed and/or angry not that I thought a Buffalo Wing Martini would be good, because I figured the odds of success were low, but that I would even attempt to make it. Chill out, little buddies. Methinks such outrage might best be directed at issues such as global poverty, pollution, and people who try to get into the elevator before those inside can get out.

Anyway, Andy Bright at Union kindly provided Buffalo wings that I infused in vodka at home last week. I guess I included too much meat because when I put the concoction in the freezer, to help the fat, it froze solid. I have since added more vodka to hopefully resolves this issue. In the meantime, Paul Mathew at Flamme used more Union wings to do an infusion and, not surprisingly, experienced no such problems. Here is a shot of him straining the ice-cold solids from the infusion:

Out, damn fat!

And a shot of a greasy coffee filter after the fifth strain:

In case you want wing-flavored coffee.


I found the resulting liquid fairly “chicken-y” but lacking the spicy edge of Buffalo wings. The ensuring martini, with blue-cheese stuffed olives, might best be described as “interesting” though one person who tried it – and who is perhaps honest to a fault – called it “horrible”. A splash of Tabasco helped but did not get it to the “I’d like another one of those” zone.

It looks like it is back to the drawing board with the Buffalo wings. Perhaps I can do a Bourbon infusion next time. Or, maybe it is time for a smoothie.

Double hat tips to Paul Mathew and Andy Bright for making the effort, for taking the chance, for trying to help one person’s dream come true.

Well, it *looks* okay...

6 thoughts on “Spice up your life? The Buffalo Wing Martini Experiment”

  1. Boyce,

    If you want we can try to make a pizza martini, but I don’t think we can fit a whole Kro’s pizza in a vodka bottle but might be fun to try.

  2. Vodka is obviously not the right choice. Let me know when you want to do this again. I will provide the brandy.

  3. It would probably be easier to take little bits of Chicken, puree it mixed in with buffalo sauce and use that for the infusion.

    Regardless, valiant effort Boyce!

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