The murky depths: I ate this thing and I liked it

Never been a fan of sea cucumbers. Nope. Not one deep down bottom of the murky sea bit. Not as a pet, a food or a topic of conversation. I realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder and taster but these things not only look shiny and slimy, like some organ our ancestors once needed but we no longer do, even like something I would produce after a meal rather than eat during it, but also have a weird texture. But the one I had at Da Dong last night was… good. I didn’t end up taking the usual two nibbles and then hiding the rest under the napkin but ate the entire braised thin.

(Hat tip to Ricardo for the dinner invite)

4 thoughts on “The murky depths: I ate this thing and I liked it”

  1. Looks like an reinterpretation of a Shandong classic, 葱烧海参 (scallion/shallot braised sea cucumbers).

    Is it just me or are sea cucumbers rather phallic? Especially when they’re made by Da Dong? I’ve always been amused by the Nanxicang branch’s sign, which reads “Chef Dong’s Braised Sea Cucumber”.

  2. @ shelley,

    I would say more the toiletic (word?) than phallic. Then again, I have yet to see Da Dong naked.

    Cheers, boyce

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