Must Try Series: Robin Howlett and Steve Williamson of Bang! Bang! Pizza

Welcome to part twenty-four of the Must Tries Series, where I ask the people who own or work in restaurants and bars what they like best. Up this time: Robin Howlett and Steve Williamson of Bang! Bang! Pizza and Bar. I don’t have a photo of the pair so I picked something from the web (it narrowly beat out this option).

Time for Cugat (


What is the ‘must try’ pizza at Bang! Bang!?

The Breakfast Pizza: Mozzarella, ham, sausage, bacon, mushroom and a cracked egg on our homemade pizza base with special Bang! Bang! sauce.

Tastes great any time of the day.

What is the ‘must try’ non-pizza item?

Lasagna: Very cheesy, very meaty. Comes with garlic bread. What’s not to like!?

How about the ‘must try’ drink?

Bang! Bang does a great line in martinis. Our Lychee Martini and our Chocolate Martini are particularly popular but the Pomegranate Martini is Steve’s personal favourite. And at RMB35 great value. However, if you want your day to start with a Bang! or end it explosively then a must try is the Bang! Bang! Zombie — dark and light rums, cherry brandy and triple sec, lime and pineapple shaken to distraction.. not for the faint hearted… at RMB60 a banging bargain.

What are ‘must try’ items from other places?

Iki Korean BBQ has opened next door and is our new favourite restaurant in Beijing. The LA style ribs are particularly good and if you are a kimchi fan it is definitely to die for. Very tasty and very kind on the wallet.

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  1. Just got back from a week in Beijing – on a short trip you need to fond a good regular bar that is clean, fresh and welcoming… This place tops them all.

    The welcome and the farewell were both excellent – the highlight was being in the bar itself – best customer service I have experienced in all my travels.

    The pizza is astounding – try them all…

    The kitchen is very clean and the food is greatest any time of the day.

    Five stars. Bang! Bang! Pizza best in Beijing.

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