The final cut: Butcher Steakhouses closes, Wall of Fame lives on

They beat the meaty beast.


The Butcher Steakhouse burst onto the scene by offering its massive gut-busting burger for free — if you managed to down it in one sitting. Now TBS has seared its last steak / is chopped liver / has been gutted / is closed. While this place had potential, and a nice deck on which to chill out, it had an awful lot of seats to fill and struggled with the service and food. That downstairs Japanese restaurant, which opened just a few months, is also closed. This place has been a merry-go-round since longstanding tenant Cappuccino left — maybe it is time for a comeback?

More restaurants for the grinder.

2 thoughts on “The final cut: Butcher Steakhouses closes, Wall of Fame lives on”

  1. Very sad about Butchers. I was looking forward to tackling that burger for the third time!

    I was chatting to a number of friends who had eaten there. None of us could fathom all the negativity around this restaurant. We all had a great time there and couldn’t fault it!

  2. RIP. Went twice. The steak and other food was fine and reasonably priced the first time, though the salad bar was rather uninspired. The butcher display in the outer room was packed with tantalizing but expensive imported meat. The second trip, at the end of March, was similar but different. I was a bit surprised to see absolutely no changes to the menu, which consisted almost completely of grilled beef. A little variety wouldn’t have hurt. Also, though I wanted to make it a regular stop, getting sick after that meal gave me pause. (Maybe it was the uncovered, waist-level salad bar that invited various airborne nasties.) Also, only one other table was occupied–by a party evidently doing the burger challenge–and the vibe was pretty sullen. The display cases were almost empty. The writing must have been on the wall by that time. It’s too bad because Beijing is still lacking in the category of “steak places outside of a hotel” (I know, there’s Chef Too and Flamme, but still).

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