Nobu Beijing opens tonight: Why I am not going

Can I have my old name back now?


And it is not simply because my kimono is at the cleaners.

Japanese restaurant Nobu Beijing opens in the JW Marriott tonight. But I won’t be there. Why? Because I didn’t get an invitation.

Nobu, how could you!?

As far as I know, way back in September 2009 I was the first person in Beijing to write that you would open in our fair city. When the expected opening date of early 2010 passed, I continued to contact your people, even though they were not exactly fountains of information, to update readers of this blog. I’m friends with your chef on Facebook. I even changed the name of my goldfish from Nemo to Nobu.

Yes, I criticized your website as I could not understand the inability of your staff to find a single native English speaker to proofread the single paragraph of English on it. And I did include you as part of my April Fool’s Day post, though it was all in good fun.

But I thought we had a relationship. I thought we had… something.

(Then again, this blog is probably not of much relevance to you, I am not exactly a food critic, I am not a fan of all the double cheek kissing at these events, and I am somewhat scared to visit given that a trip there caused The Beijinger’s Iain Shaw to write “It’s tempting to imagine executive chef Oyvind Naesheim as a dramatist, creating dishes as characters, giving them room to develop as the larger plot unfolds around them”. So perhaps it all works out in the end. But, seriously, could you please proofread your web site?)

6 thoughts on “Nobu Beijing opens tonight: Why I am not going”

  1. Boyce: Lets be clear, if you cant get into D Lounge you dont get into to Nobu, mkay.

    p.s. I’m surprised Mr Shaw didnt bust out the ‘sexed up sushi’ line his publication is so fond of deploying in these instances.

  2. overpriced fish is still…

    Besides thare are good chances that their imported fish is full of Cesium-137 by now

  3. I went to Nobu in New York once. It was a very expensive let down … but at least the booze didn’t run out at 8pm.

  4. You did not miss out on anything! The sushi buffet was not impressive, the clams were super tiny and small. And even if you were going just for the “luxury and glam” they stopped serving booze at 8pm and Jackie Chan stayed in his basement chamber all night for his birthday. I’ve been to the NY and thought it was great. But at this point I feel NOBU’s brand name has just gotten too big for its own good.

  5. @ Ting-Ting,

    The booze ran out at 8 PM? That makes me feel better. Fish tacos don’t work unless they’re washed down with warm Tsingtao.

    Cheers, Boyce

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