The Kro returns: Next pizza joint set for Gongti-Sanlitun area

With the oven barely broken in at his new and busy pizza joint on Xiaoyun Road, Olaf Kristoffer “Kro” Bauer says he is already preparing to fire up a second one near his former flipping grounds at Workers Stadium. To bring things up to speed: Bauer and Yuan Jie opened the Workers Stadium branch of Kro’s Nest in 2007 but had a nasty public split last May with Bauer leaving, taking the name, and opening the new spot on Xiaoyun Road last December and Yuan Jie re-branding the old one as Tube Station Pizza.

Now Bauer says he plans a return, specifically to the Sanlitun South area between The Bookworm and Tun Bar. There’s more competition than ever, given that Gung Ho!, Nasca Cafe, and Annie’s have all opened in the area since last May, so it will be interesting to see this new spot. More details soon…

3 thoughts on “The Kro returns: Next pizza joint set for Gongti-Sanlitun area”

  1. Yay! I couldn’t be happier to hear this. I love the new Kro’s Nest, but it’s not the most convenient location for me. It’s about time he got back down and dirty in SLT.

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