Must tries: Olav Bauer, Zach Lewison, Marty Handley of Kro’s Nest

This is part thirteen in the Must Tries Series that asks people in the Beijing bar, restaurant, and wine business to give us their recommendations. This time up: Kro’s Nest owner Olav Kristoffer Bauer a.k.a. “Kro” and the F&B team Zach Lewison and Marty Handley.

Zach Lewison, Olaf Kristoffer Bauer, Marty Handley


What is the “must try” food at Kro’s Nest?

Handley: Pardon the Pesto pizza (medium RMB120, large RMB155).  Pesto sauce, smoked duck, mushrooms, and spinach. Great way to have duck on a pizza without making it. Has a Beijing focus like everyone else is doing these days.

Bauer: Rocky Road Rice Krispy Pie (RMB45). Desserts are a new thing for us and this one is awesome. Sometimes one or two go missing. Trust me, I know where they went.

Lewison: Fried artichokes (RMB38). There is something about fried food that is salty, sour, and crispy. Best app we have.

What is the “must try” drink at Kro’s Nest?

Handley: Beach Baby Bushwhacker (RMB50).  Rum, Kahlua, and chocolate sauce. Since Zach and I are both from coastal cities in Florida, this is a homage to our state.

Bauer: The Flaming Kro (RMB50).  Beer, Amaretto, and 151 rum. This is our house drink. It’s a spin off of The Flaming Moe from The Simpsons, except ours is better and won’t burn our bar down… I hope.

Lewison: Root beer float (RMB25). A&W root beer with ice cream: takes me back to when I was little Zach, spending summers playing baseball and not having to worry about running kitchens in Beijing.

What are your “must try” foods and drinks at other venues?


Handley: Big bottles of Yanjing! Nothing connects you better to Beijing than drinking these on the busy streets and watching the city pass you by.

Bauer: Tap water, my house.  I work every day all day, so having a glass of water at my house is always going to be my go to drink.

Lewison: Gin and tonic at Fubar. I use to hate gin and tonic, Chad [Lager] changed me on this. I will never drink one outside of Fubar unless Chad is there by chance and makes it. That’s how devoted I am to it.


Handley: New York strip with mushroom sauce at Chef Too. Billy [Bolton] knows his steak, and this is a simple dish made perfect. Can’t beat it.

Bauer: The falafel from Dareen coffeeKarim [Aljaddi] has the best in town: he sells me coffee, so with every order I try to work in a falafel.

Lewison: Hot dog at No More Bunz. I moved from Dongzhimen to Lido last year and the only thing I regret is not being able to walk to work and stop by for the American hot dog.

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  1. I need to come to Beijing to visit the restaurant to visit my son Olav Kristoffer Bauer, a/k/a Kro’s Nest.

    Would love to try it out. Maybe sometimes late spring, early summer.

    His mom, Vigdis Bauer

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