Must tries: Stephen Rocard and Stephanie Zhou of Mao Mao Chong

This is part eleven in the Must Tries Series that asks people in the Beijing bar, restaurant, and wine business to give us their recommendations. This time up: Stephen Rocard and Stephanie Zhou of Mao Mao Chong, which is known for its creative cocktails, pizzas, and arty interior.

Who are those masked bar owners?


What is the “must try” drink at Mao Mao Chong?

We have a few must tries at Mao Mao Chong but since it’s winter and bloody cold out we’ll suggest our Adult Chai (RMB40). Homemade chai spiced up with a naughty shot of Mao Mao Chong cinnamon infused vodka. You have to try it, it’s delicious. We infuse the vodka and make the chai blend ourselves. We don’t use packet chai or chai powder which is what makes it special.

What is the “must try” food at Mao Mao Chong?

Well, we only serve pizza and peanuts at Mao Mao Chong so let’s say pizza. Our favorite is the The Peasant Pizza (RMB60): tomato, mozzarella, roasted eggplant, pesto, and parmigiano. We keep it simple, use fresh ingredients, and put our heart and soul into all our pizzas.

What are three “must try” foods and drinks at other Beijing venues?

Xian Lao Man (Andingmennei Dajie) is where we always take our visitors for dumplings. The “fullest” and some of the best jiaozi in the Jing.

Capital M (Qianmen): Their pavlova is to die for. An iconic Australian dessert done to perfection.

Esquires Coffee (CityMall, Liangmaqiao): New Zealand coffee chain putting Starbucks to shame, though that’s not difficult. Great coffee and their hot white chocolate is worth a try. It’s become a regular stop for us on our way to Sanyuanli market.

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