Sips & bites: Mokihi, Gung Ho, Ole, CN Witness Club, Khan Baba, Tun

Many cocktail fans will know mixologist Motonari Uchiyama from Twilight, Apothecary, and the former Er. Now he is involved in Mokihi, a new drinks and whiskey venture–and a tiny one at that, with space for about a dozen patrons, I am told–near Lucky Street. This sounds perfect for those seeking a one-two single malt punch given that Nashville is nearby with more than 50 options and a smashing two-for-one happy hour. (Hat tip to Wise Bartender)

More than a few people have griped about being just outside the Gung Ho! Pizza delivery area. Good news for some as this place has increased its range (see map), says co-owner Jade Gray. (By the way, Gray will be featured in the Must Tries Series later this week.) Gung Ho! also announced it is offering a thicker crust option, though this only applies to white crusts on medium pizzas, and a “half and half” option, which means you can get four cheeses on one side and that Camembert, chicken, and blackcurrant combo on the other.

Until last night, I hadn’t been to Ole, beside Salsa Cariba and across from Nanjie in Sanlitun South. (I’m blaming the ghosts of former tenant Lee Theatre and its RMB60 bottles of Tsingtao for keeping me away.) I was surprised to find espresso for a mere RMB10! I knocked back a pair and was working on a project and a glass of wine when management asked if I wanted to join a tasting they were doing upstairs of two potential desserts, some sausages and hams, a cheese, and a trio of tasty wines. Good times! I’ll have more on Ole soon. For now, I’ll note that it has 48 Spanish wines on its menu (from RMB90 per bottle), including three whites by the glass (from RMB45) and four reds by the glass (RMB35).

Also in the area, CN Witness Club has opened in the former Night Club space, close to Rock and Roll. Pakistani restaurant Khan Baba is offering a RMB38 lunch buffet on weekdays from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. It’ll rise to a still-reasonable RMB45 next month due to the increasing price of food ingredients in Beijing. And Tun is looking spiffier with new doors, signage, and kitchen design.

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