Must tries: Steven Zonneveld of Ned’s

This is part ten in the Must Tries Series that asks people in the Beijing bar, restaurant, and wine business to give us their recommendations. This time up: Steven Zonneveld of Nanluoguxiang pub Ned’s, which packs a lot of punch for its size. (Check these drink specials at Ned’s during Australia Day on Wednesday. And go here to enter my Aussie slang contest.)

Steven Zonneveld: The man behind Ned's


What is the “must try” beer at Ned’s?

All of our beers are from Australia at Ned’s, so I’d suggest trying Australia’s favorite full strength beer. VB! I’m also from Melbourne and have grown up drinking it my whole life so I might be a little bias. It’s also cheaper to buy a VB at Ned’s than just about anywhere in Australia (RMB25 per bottle; RMB20 during happy hour).

What is the “must try” cocktail/mixed drink at Ned’s?

The Melbourne and the Beijing iced teas (RMB35) seem to be quite popular with the females while the trusty Ned’s Special (RMB50) seems to be a hit with the local blokes. The Ned’s Special was traditionally a huge strong glass of JD but has recently become a giant glass of whatever you like! Good for priming up for a big night!

What are three “must try” foods and drinks at other Beijing venues?

If you’re in serious need of a decent and affordable steak try Traktir Pushkin’s steak wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes. A steal for 40 RMB! I’m also a big fan of the vegetable spring rolls and noodles at the Vietnamese restaurant call Pho on Guluo Dong Dajie. And for those willing to travel, check out the Muslim restaurant in BLCU. The lamb, neng, and onion are to die for!

For drinks, I would suggest picking up a 15 RMB street Mojito while you cruise down Nanluoguxiang, a tasty Moscow Mule from First Floor, or wiping yourself out with an Armageddon from Chocolate.

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