Le Petit Gourmand relaunch tonight with No Name Trio, mulled wine

Le Petit Gourmand will officially reopen in Tongli Studio tonight at 8 PM with mulled wine and a performance by No Name Trio. This place, now managed by Alexis Tresor, used to rank among my favorite spots for laptop work and I dropped in over the weekend to see how it changed. Things are looking good:

  1. Windows have been added along the west side and provide some needed natural light.
  2. The place feels more spacious given that some of the bookshelves in the center of the room have been removed and an open kitchen and a bar area called Le Zinc added.
  3. There are lots of large faux leather wing chairs as well as booth-style areas along the walls and these will be good for reading, surfing the net, or chatting with friends.
  4. The sandwiches and those tasty fries made it on to the new menu though they are a bit pricier. <– Actually, the old price was RMB48.  Don’t know what I was thinking. My mistake.
  5. Coffee starts from a reasonable RMB18.
  6. The wood-burning stove remains out back.

Perhaps most importantly, especially for those who don’t like to wear earphones and do like their sanity, Tresor says he plans to have a diverse play list. (I hope that means an end to the days of hearing that freaking My Way compilation album over and over and over again.)

Official opening: 8 PM tonight with mulled wine and No Name Trio…

7 thoughts on “Le Petit Gourmand relaunch tonight with No Name Trio, mulled wine”

  1. Hey

    hopefully they got rid of the booths in front of the book cases..

    that was a magnificent design concept…

    people just love having me lean over their beef bourguignon reaching for that book i am halfway through and have to finish…my tie dipping in their red wine

    the boy who thought that up was thinking….


  2. @chunky,

    I almost forgot about The Whistler Dude a.k.a. He Who Whistles Out-of-Tune to Every Song While Occasionally Using the Counter / Table Top as a Drum. Hasn’t shown up yet…

    Cheers, Boyce

  3. music should be good, alexis trésor is also lead singer of the beijing beatles tribute band! (and ex frontman of the kill kennys)

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