Sips and bites: Bottomless in Sanlitun, RMB1000 burger prize, Kokomo, Acupuncture

It is easier than ever to go bottomless in Swire Sanlitun Village. Although 3F restaurant Union Bar & Grille has long offered unlimited drip coffee refills (RMB22; RMB20 with a meal), now kitty-corner steakhouse Flamme is doing the same (RMB20).

The three-kilo burger at Butcher Steakhouse is free if you finish it within three hours and RMB138 if you don’t. But what if you are really hungry? Now the place has a four-kilo monster for RMB238 and will give RMB1000 to anyone who can eat it.  You’ll need that money, too, to replace the pants you just stretched beyond repair (which is why you  should always wear a toga for these things).

The first floor of Tongli Studio bar Kokomo is blocked by a plastic tarp due to ongoing renovations but patrons can still skirt by and head upstairs to enjoy a Maitai and the last few weeks of rooftop weather. The lower level is slated to reopen in November.

While Acupuncture saw its B1 club Lantern close in Sanlitun, the electronic music outfit will soon be back in action as it is teaming up with The House at Workers Stadium North. Look for project to be unveiled in the first half of October.

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  1. With a name like DJ-Manboobs, you would think I would be up for the challenge but that is just pigish. 4 kilos? Impossible. That is 10 pounds. No one can eat 50 eggs!

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