Wudaokou: Helen’s Cafe, Solutions, Laowai’s Lounge

PDM just sent me an email me re some happenings in Wudaokou and it reminded me that I’m very much overdue for a visit there. I’ll try to head north in the next two weeks. In the meantime, here is some info courtesy of PDM:

“Student hangout Helen’s Cafe is doubling their space as a result of taking over the space next door. Construction starts this week, according to manager Benny…. Propaganda took over the storefront next door: ‘Solutions‘ is set to be a casual bar (not yet open, still under construction), while upstairs, a new cafe called “Laowais Lounge” looks open for business.”

5 thoughts on “Wudaokou: Helen’s Cafe, Solutions, Laowai’s Lounge”

  1. They work quick in Wudaokou. Helen’s Cafe’s extension is already open and Solutions’ first level is open for business. It’s more or less an exact copy of Propaganda. And yes, Laowai’s Lounge is open for business. There’s also a new pizza joint (although the name escapes me) from an ex-Kros employee and a Pakistani joint “Falafel” both nearby Helen’s.

  2. Yes, Laowai’s is open for business! If you are a foreign exchange student at Tsinghua or any of the Bejing universities, Laowai’s is a great place to shoot some pool, play shuffleboard, and find that American food that you’ve been craving (especially grilled cheese and chicken pot pie).

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