RMB1 drinks at Fubar: Zaijian mojitos, ni hao ‘Australian’ margaritas on August 1

It’s zaijian to mojitos and ni hao to margaritas as Fubar in Workers Stadium mixes things up for its monthly RMB1 drinks event. Since April, the deal has been RMB1 mojito martinis from 6 PM to 8 PM on the first day of each month. On August 1, Fubar will instead serve what co-owner Chad Lager calls an “Australian margarita”.* It includes 50 ml of pepperberry vodka, 25 ml each of pineapple gin and triple sec, and lime cordial blended with ice (dingoberry garnish still to be confirmed). That’s August 1, same time (6 PM to 8 PM), same place (Fubar).


* Why did Lager decide on “Australian” margaritas for August 1? Is it because on that day in 1949, the Snowy Mountains Authority came into being and resulted in a hydroelectricity and irrigation project covering more than 5,000 square kilometers of New South Wales? Is it because this date is closest to that on which Arthur Stace, who chalked the word “eternity” on the pathways of Sydney for 35 years, died? Or is it because the vodka and the gin used in this margarita are from Tasmania? I fear we shall never know…

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  1. Or is it because August 1st is the birthday of all race horses in Australia (maybe elsewhere as well, but I dunno), and the Spring Racing carnival is about to start? And let’s face it, Chad has the right height to be a jockey, if not the right weight.

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