Gung Ho 2.0: Bigger pizzas as of Sunday

Soon with more hand-spiced pepperoni...


While that superb two-for-one pizza deal at Gung Ho ends this Saturday, there is good news for those who have become fans of these pies but think they will be too expensive at regular prices: As of Sunday, Gung Ho will increase its pizza sizes, but keep the same regular prices.

The large will go from 12 inches to 14 inches, making it slightly more than a third bigger, says Gung Ho’s Rich Akers. And the medium will go from 9 inches to 11 inches, which by my calculations makes it about 50 percent bigger. These guys couldn’t have planned it better.

I’ve ordered a dozen pizzas since Gung Ho opened three weeks ago and this added value means more four-cheese pies will be coming my way. For the menu, see here.

(Because my brain is on slow today, I asked two wordsmiths sitting nearby–Andy B and K Square–to help with the title of this post. Their ideas included, “An extra two inches do matter”, “the Ho just got bigger”, and “Forget 7-ELEVEN, it’s nine to eleven”. It’s nice to have friends.)

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