Wine in China: Penfold’s Schmenfold’s, give me some Benfold’s…


Listen up Penfold’s: You’ve had 166 years to build a market in China, and while you may well believe in things like decent viticulture and quality control, don’t you think it’s time to give someone else a chance? For example, an up-and-comer such as Benfold’s?

I don’t know from where in Barossa–or Guangzhou as the case may be–this wine hails, but it comes with a catchy and almost familiar name and logo as well as a  “lirm taunin finish“. For those into food and wine pairing, it is an “excellent accompeniment to red mears, game and cheese”. And give its copy credit for driving people to drink: “thusethat beld theprevicus vinrage of Benfolds Grange.” I bet that makes sense after you finish your third or fourth bottle.

(This photo is of a bag distributed at a wine trade show in China. Hat tip to TCR. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a wine called “Schmenfold’s” did pop up.)

Update: Given the recent bid on Foster’s wine business, maybe this April Fool’s post about a joint Australia-China label featuring a hugging panda and koala wasn’t so far-fetched.

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3 thoughts on “Wine in China: Penfold’s Schmenfold’s, give me some Benfold’s…”

  1. Fosters is desperate to sell anything – Benfolds is probably their marketing department’s idea of creating a product which will appeal to the Chinese market. Penfolds has alwats based their wines on sourcing from multi=regional vineyards – why not Guangzho?

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