World Cup in Beijing: DJ Socceroo reports on 12 spots

DJ Chunky, apparently answering to DJ Socceroo during the World Cup, made the rounds last night as four crucial games kicked off. Here is his wrap up…

Paddy O’Shea’s: Jam packed inside; a lot of England jerseys on display with about 30 people out front.

Luga’s: Big crowd out front enjoying the England game with the U.S. game on inside with a sizable following. No sign of Luga but with that many people around you’d need a search party to track down the diminutive guv’nor.

3.3: They have set up back-to-back screens on the sidewalk and had a good number enjoying both matches, probably at the expense of Poachers, which had a handful indoors watching the England game

Saddle Cantina: Big crowd with the U.S. game projected on the Nali Patio wall. As with the Olympics, this venue offers the best screen in town for watching major events on a deck with a frozen drink in your hand.

Nali Patio: Yep, they too had the game on a big screen in the central arcade, with a light crowd. If you want to get a table outdoors with a good view of the action during big games, this is your best bet. You also have your pick of a range of decent dining options.

Union: Packed with a big U.S. crowd. Andy the manager is a happy camper now that England made the cut.

Tun: Empty with a few people on the patio.

Nanjie: Also empty and with the game on indoors as well.

The Den: Packed with the usual suspects.

Hooters: Busy with a local crowd and the U.S. game on most of the tellys. At least the customers knew where to look for a change.

Danger Doyles: Empty downstairs. This place has all the right stuff to be a top sports venue but it hasn’t built the necessary following that its neighbor The Den has.

George’s: Still in soft open mode so it is under the radar for now. U.S. game on a big screen with a light crowd. Definitely a new venue worth checking out, it’s about three doors down from Fubar, with the same emphasis on quality drinks and service.

Venues that have a big US and UK following, like Paddy’s, Union, and Luga’s, will be happy with last night’s results. Sadly for the Beijing Billabong, Australia’s run has ended, so it’s time to throw our lot in with the Old Dart (if the Kiwis don’t prevail tonight that is, of course). And yes, they have the Ashes and yes they populated our country with all its undesirables back in the day, but how nice would it be if they stopped whinging?

3 thoughts on “World Cup in Beijing: DJ Socceroo reports on 12 spots”

  1. I was at Danger Doyle’s second floor last night watching USA v Algeria. I must disagree with the assertion that they have “all the right stuff to be a top sports venue.”

    They have the space, yes, but they don’t have the setup. They forcibly split the England v Slovenia game and the USA v Algeria game up such that it was impossible to watch both at once. The roof got a giant screen with the England game, but the USA game was difficult to watch since all the televisions were relatively small, frequently placed inconveniently behind corner turns and pillars, and generally not in line with football feng shui.

    Add to that DD’s buzz-killing service (I waited a total of ten minutes to get change from two purchases and had the price of a pint of Guinness misquoted to me by the bartender five minutes before having to overpay for it) and there is more than a little work to be done. But it is a space!

  2. Went to see the Par-Jap match last night. Danger Doyles was essentialy empty and devoid of atmosphere downstairs, some unpleasant Chinese guy had VIPed the large screen on the second floor and then the patio on the roof was cool, but had a bunch of drunks and another group celebrating someone’s something. Usual standing in front of the screen and not caring about the football. Service. Well there was no service, so we watched the first half for free. Left to find somewhere better.
    The Den was awful, the stench of stale smoke wants to make you vomit, 2nd floor was again ‘VIP’ed and out of bounds, and the atmosphere unpleasant and very busy. left.
    The idiots of The Village have a *PERFECT* spot for retransmission of the WC, Adidas have some stands setup, so why can they not show the matches? Because they are too late for the businesses there? Guys, you are running that f-ing screen anyway, wasting electricity for the mosquitos to watch your crappy ads, put it to good use!!
    Found a bar called 1st floor/2nd floor (?) in the narrow strret going from the Village where all the black sun type bars are, and it was busy, so we thought, why not. Bit too busy maybe, but the large selection of beers (including Kwak in the real glass) and actually quite acceptable pub food makes up 4 it. Good retransmission with CCTV5 on one screen and a satellite feed on the main big screen with english commentary. good choice, overall. Seems to have a lot of the ‘young and trendy new gwailau college kids in town’ type of crowd…

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