World Cup in Beijing: Where to watch the most anticipated match yet

But can he save The World Cup? Unlikely...


Saturday night will feature the most anticipated World Cup match yet — Australia vs Ghana.

Can the Koala Kissers from Down Under beat the Black Stars? Given that Ghana’s best player is out, I suppose a slight possibility now exists that those prawn-barbecuing, Tim Tam-munching, vegemite-spreading oi oi oi-ers could win this one.

That makes it a good time for Aussie fans to head to Nanluoguxiang and patronize the Beijing Billabong / Vegemite Triangle. Both Ned’s and 12SQM will show the match, while at Mao Mao Chong they can eat Cherry Ripe to their Les Patterson-loving, platypus-poking, Bundaberg-guzzling hearts’ content. (I could add something about dingos, but I think my point has been made.)*

In case it isn’t obvious, I will be cheering for Ghana. And I will be wearing a GongTees shirt with the crest of that nation, a shirt I bought on Wednesday night at Paddy O’Shea’s with a 100-kuai note that looked like I blew my nose into but in reality only suffered from pocket sweat. Memorable moment. Anyway, click here for info about how to get your own shirt…


* For the record, I like prawns, Les Patterson, and Tim Tam, have never seen let alone touched a platypus, think Bundaberg Rum would be useful for unclogging toilets, and believe the best use of Vegemite is to plug that oil-gushing hole in the Gulf of Mexico.

2 thoughts on “World Cup in Beijing: Where to watch the most anticipated match yet”

  1. Boyce,

    you should go fishing more often – you are clearly out of practice…. you think you can get a bite with that bait?

    We Aussies have already moved on to a much more important game coming up. Australia is all set to send the Poms packing in Rugby Saturday night.

    After the game against Germany, we know when to switch codes….

  2. 8 Songs,

    I will have you know that post is approved of by a real living breathing twitching Aussie. Sitting at a table nearby. He giggled, he guffawed, he called it among the best reads of his life.

    A Brit also approved it. I’m not sure what that means.

    Cheers, Boyce

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