Exposed at last: The walls are coming down at Sanlitun Soho

Tough times: Looks like they could only afford to paint one building.


People always talk about the speed of change in Beijing. Tis true it’s fast, though there are exceptions. For example, it has been more than five freaking years between Sanlitun South Bar Street biting the dust and its replacement Sanlitun Soho being revealed to passerbys. Yes, after five freaking years, the billboards around the complex are coming down.

As I passed today, finishing touches were being done on the buildings and landscaping. The complex should look pretty good in partnership with Sanlitun Village though given general building trends in Beijing it will probably look five freaking years old by late August.

(Another example of quick change: That building at the far left of the photo below took something like 11 years to complete. Of course, these are exceptions to the rule of speedy change, but I don’t care.)

Old farts will recall a giant beer mug stood near that building at left.
Great point from which to see welding arcs with your naked eye.
Hundreds of tenants will soon learn there is no free water at The Den.

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  1. It’s also been confirmed that the last piece of land just right beside it will be an InterContinental hotel, set to be the luxury positioning and flagship for high-end lifestyle hotel. Set for 2013.

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