The caffeine buzz: Jamaica Blue in Central Park

Regular contributor / Man About the Middle Kingdom 8 Songs recently checked out the new Jamaica Blue coffee shop in Central Park. He notes that it is near the former Nasca Cafe, which has been renamed Navena after the partners fell out and,  based on his observations, lost many of its customers. His take on Jamaica Blue.

“At last a coffee shop that puts real, strong coffee in your cup, that doesn’t overload on milk. Its breakfast deals are fantastic – Big Breakfast (eggs, sausages, tomato and bacon) plus a cappuccino for RMB38. Orange juice is squeezed while you wait. The coffees are cheaper than Costa, better than Starbucks and the service levels better than all of the others — and locals here have plenty of choices!

“If I had one gripe, it would be that there are too many tables and chairs for the tiny space. But with warm weather hopefully approaching, the crowd is sure to spill outside.”

“Well worth a visit.”

2 thoughts on “The caffeine buzz: Jamaica Blue in Central Park”

  1. I walked by Jamaica Blue yesterday (Saturday) and it was packed to the brim….with yuppie laowai (the kind who just arrived in Beijing two weeks ago on a cushy two-year contract assignment).

  2. I guess we yuppie laowai know a decent cup of coffee when we see one. And for what it’s worth, most of the regular clientele have definately been in Beijing much longer than two weeks, just hanging out for a decent coffee joint. Thanks, Australia!

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